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AngularJS is regarded as a structural framework for many dynamic web apps. Designers employing AngularJS can extend HTML’s syntax to bring the applications components smoothly and also use HTML as a template language.<br>

We begin by exploring its components, core design and organization techniques of its code. By utilizing dependency injection we will enhance the functionality of the web apps. You can build single-page web apps by extending your understanding of CSS, HTML and JavaScript. Take advantage of AngularJS data binding by creating reusable HTML components and also directives. Design custom services and build custom directives. Get familiar with Model-View Controller (MVC) programming pattern and finish of by building your own application from scratch and deploy it to cloud.
Why Bother learning AngularJS

Week 1:
Get Familiar with AngularJS
Start of by getting familiar with the concepts of HTML and Javascript necessary for this course. Then understand how AngularJS is providing a solution to current limitiations and problems and get a good grasp on its solutions.Simultaneously understand its concepts and not just introduction.

Week 2:
Next move on to manipulating our data into any format we want and learn to create your own custom filters by learnign how to use filters. Get in touch with digest cycle and get familiar with fundamentals of Prototypal Inheritance which is deemed essential. Learn important Angular directives which will be employed in our custom Angular service.

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